NKVSSP Sunday Specials

Artist is Frightened.

January 21st, 2018, 12:48 pm
The artist has an anxiety attack, and the characters know it.
(they're standing still and assessing the situation)

Panel 1:
Kit: "What's wrong Pup?"
Pup: "I think the artist is afraid."

Panel 2:
Kit: "Oh yeah?  How do you figure?"
Pup: "I went on five simultaneous adventures, but didn't hit paper until now."

Panel 3: 
Kit: "I've never done that before.  How did it feel?"
Pup: "It felt exhilarating, but like I didn't know where the ground was.  I wanted to throw up a lot."
Kit: "Sounds awful."

Panel 4: 
Pup: "It was, and it just happened again.  I had a million things to say, and then, nothing."
Kit: "Huh, I wonder what we could do to help her feel better?"
Pup: "Well, what makes us feel better?"

Panel 5: A close up of Pup's face
Pup: "Intense, very warm eye contact!"

Panel 6:  A close in of kit reaching out to the audience.
Kit: "Intense, very warm hugs!"
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From the Author
Monkeypainter2 January 21st, 2018, 1:02 pm
I'm not having an episode right now.
These things come in waves.

and when they do, comics pop out ;)

I wish you the best in your journeys :)
Take care out there! :)
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